Senpai「prod. Misxgi」

by N E G R O G I L L I G A N

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116 bpm
track by me and kokurai blade fucks what ya heard


yo chick callin me senpai
all i do is get high
yamazaki and some xanz goin on a drift
roll up on a french braid on that yen
she dakimakura while watchin toonami
so kawaii in hawaii
tropical otaku with dali
phony chan wants seppukku because he know
his imouto witha G though
cant find us like we nemo
puzzled like kami moto thats yugioh truth be told
i be in the ocean like im luffy ho
stretch my dick like this be that black gilligan
lips on that pinapple rave shawty yellin this the shit
fightin over twizzlers while she roll the swisha
have her half yuri sister takin pictures cuz they both got that figure
fucks wit a nigga danny reiverz sendin shivers when im in her
got that mixture of that liquor up up in his liver

bitch call me senpai 2x
she hot as sailor moon
kawaii so ima get her soon
show me that skirt wihle i put in that work 2x
ugh see me after school
call it hetai moves on the way i do
tsunade milf im tryna juice
she say its mathmatics so leave her legs obtuse
what you wanna do its easy as one and two
kawaii girl come hang after school
lets fuck lets fuck lets go lets go
lemme see yo skirt lemme put in work
go ahead and put in work put you in the dirt dont get on my nerves
go to the back of the class, finish my paper
later..haters, im just tryna get in you like a navigator
ugh and eat you like an alligator
so what you doin? come in this ruins
and figure me out senpai 2x
figure me out..senpai
fo' we get down down to the nitty gritty
show me those big ole big ole titties
like its that thing to do shit girl show me it too like..


released August 27, 2014
Productions by Misogi
vocals by DRE and Dali
sample from Ocarina of Time - Saria Theme



all rights reserved